Our Features

All your school administration requirements under one roof.

Anytime, anywhere available

Customers have the provision to purchase the product from us anytime by approaching us. We let you own our product at an affordable rate and can further make use of it by starting with your own domain.

Well-structured modules

We offer the widely demanded features of school management software by incorporating well-structured and organized modules to improve the efficiency of the system. Having a solid structure is the major reason by which the professionals are proceeding successfully with the system into the web industry.


Our advanced system can assure you the things you need to meet by utilizing our product. We offer you all the possibilities to satisfy your needs by customizing the product for the customers.

Dynamic Reports

Edweb offers a unique dynamic reporting tool which provides great flexibility to design and print endless report based on specific needs of management and auditors with built-in excel export feature.


Edweb uses a highly secured cloud server that keeps all your personal and sensitive information secure and safe. We provide security in such a way that information will be only visible to authorized person. Edweb is known for following the global standards for privacy of information.

SMS & Email

Application is integrated with sms and email gateways.These message are also scheduled and triggered on events like: instant fee acknowledgements, fee due reminders,daily birthday wishes etc.